User Activity Report (District Admin Accounts Only)


Is there a report in which I can see the usage and expiration dates of the teacher's accounts in my district?


Yes!  The User Activity Report is accessible only by District Admins with ESGI accounts. The report icon can be found on the right side of the District Admin Home Screen. All Schools must be selected.


The report contains information on active accounts that are current or that expired within the last 6 months; both school and teacher are listed. Details of the other columns in the report:

  • Expiration Date:  The date the account expires.
  • Last Login Date:  The date of the last time the teacher logged in to the account.  If that has not happened since the account was created, this is blank.
  • Login Count:  The number of times the teacher has logged in to the account during the current school year.  When the account is created, that is not counted toward this number.
  • Total Tests Authored:  The number of tests the teacher has written and/or copied since the account was opened.
  • Tests Administered:  The number of test sessions run during the current school year.
  • Tests Completed:  The number of test session run to completion during the current school year.
  • Questions Asked:  The number of questions asked to all students from all tests during the current school year.
  • Students Enrolled:  The number of students in the class list for the current school year.
  • Students Tested:  The number of students that have had at least one test session run during the current school year.


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