Dr. Jean Feldman and Carolyn Kisloski's Happies Tests

Dr. Jean Feldman and Carolyn Kisloski have created Happies Tests that are available for use in ESGI (see list below). 

See THIS PAGE to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


General: November:
Happies General ELA Cap Letter ID Happies Nov ELA Sight Wds
Happies General ELA Lowercase Letter ID Happies Nov ELA Print Concepts
Happies General ELA Capital Letter Sounds Happies Nov ELA Beg & End Snds
Happies General ELA Lowercase Letter Sounds Happies Nov MATH Counts to 50
Happies General ELA Sight Words Happies Nov MATH 1:1 Corr.
Happies General MATH Counts to 100 Happies Nov MATH Wr #s 0-10
  Happies Nov MATH Draws sets 0-10
Back To School: (Sept) Happies Nov MATH Days/Wk
Happies Sept ELA Nursery Rhyme Happies Nov SCI
Happies Sept ELA Sight Wds Happies Nov SO STUDS
Happies Sept ELA Name  
Happies Sept MATH Counts to 25 December:
Happies Sept MATH Counts 10 Obj Happies Dec ELA Sight Wds
Happies Sept MATH # ID 0-10 Happies Dec ELA Compound Wds
Happies Sept MATH Wr #s 0-5 Happies Dec ELA Mechanics
Happies Sept SCI Color Happies Dec MATH Counts to 75
Happies Sept SCIENCE Happies Dec MATH # Sense
Happies Sept SO STUDS Happies Dec SCI
  Happies Dec SO STUDS
Happies Oct ELA Name  
Happies Oct ELA Sight Wds  
Happies Oct ELA Nurs Rhymes  
Happies Oct MATH Counts to 25  
Happies Oct MATH 10 scattered  
Happies Oct MATH # ID 0-10  
Happies Oct MATH Wr #s 0-5  
Happies Oct MATH Sort  
Happies Oct MATH Patterns  
Happies Oct MATH 2D Shapes  
Happies Oct MATH 3D Shapes  
Happies Oct MATH Shapes  
Happies Oct SCI  
Happies Oct SO STUDS  
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