Auto Test Creator

Quickly create a test using the Auto Test Creator by following the step-by-step directions below or viewing the video at the bottom of this Support Page.


Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Click "Test Explorer"

2. Click "Auto Test Creator"

3. Select a Test Type from the drop down menu (Computation, Letters, Numbers, Observation, Sight Words, Sounds and Vocabulary)

4. Edit the Test Name or keep it at the default, which was entered based on the Test Type selected

5. Edit the font by selecting from the drop down menu

6. Enter directions in the "Directions/Student Prompt" box.

7. Under "Questions", copy and paste the items in the field, or manually type the questions. If manually typing them, click the green "+Add a question" button.

8. Click Preview Test.

9. To edit from the Preview, hover over the question and edit it. Click "OK" when finished.

10. Click the blue "Create Test" button.

11. Select the next step when the message appears:





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