Class Grade Report - Shared Scales

A teacher can create a grading scale that can be shared with other teachers in the school. In order for it to be visible to other teachers in the school, all teacher accounts must be linked to the school or district. If a teacher is not linked to the district, please complete a Request to be Linked form. 

Step-by-step instructions on selecting a Shared Grading Scale before running the Class Grade report can be found below the video:


1. Select a Class and All Students on the left side, then click "Class Grades" on the right.

2. The "Intro" screen will display is this is the first time running the Class Grade report. Click “Next”.

3. Choose the shared Grading Scale by clicking anywhere in the row where the scale is listed.

4. Click “Next”.


5. The Report can be run using default percentage ranges, or the grading ranges can be edited. To set up grading ranges for the tests in each Subject Tab, use the drop down arrow on the left hand side to select a Subject Tab, and then click "Continue Set Up”.
6. A number will display in the upper right corner of the "Shared Range" button if a Shared Grading Range has already been set up. The “1” indicates that there is 1 shared Grading Range to choose from.  Click “Shared Range”.  (If there isn't a shared Grading Range for this scale, custom grading ranges can be set up by selecting “# Custom Range” or “% Default Percent”.)
7. Click the “Use This Scale” radio button.  Click “Next” to continue to the next test in the Subject Tab.

8. Continue to click “Next” to choose the “Shared Range” and “Use this Scale” options for each test in the Subject Tab.



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