Grade Report - Beginning

How do I start using the Grade Report?


When you first access the grade report, there is a wizard that will take you through setting it up.  You can choose one of the default grade scales, or you can create one of your own.

Choose how many levels your scale has (this can be changed later).  Add in the grade names.  And what it represents (Description).  You can also change the color by clicking the color box on the right side. 

If you hover over the level's row, you can add in another level by clicking the plus sign.  Or remove a level by clicking the trash can.  The arrows will allow you to move the levels up and down.

Then click next.  You can continue set up with specific scores for tests, or you can run the report with percentages.  These are the default percentage ranges for any test that does not have scores assigned to them.

As you edit the percentages, it will automatically update the corresponding value.

Then you can run the report to see what it will look like.


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