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ESGI’s Assignment Center serves as the new centralized location for all student Self-Assess tests.  Step by step instructions for how to use the Assignment Center for testing your students can be found below:

Accessing Assignment Center:

  • From the Home page, to access the Assignment Center, click on the “Assignments” button in the upper right corner of the menu at the top of the screen (Next to “Parent Conferencer”):

  • From there, you will be directed to a “How to Create an Assessment” tutorial, with graphical instructions explaining how to create an assignment, if you haven’t already (Note: This graphic goes away, once you have created your first assignment):

Creating/Editing Assignments:

Once you have exited the tutorial, you will now be ready to create your first assignment!  Below are the steps to creating and editing an assignment:

  • Enter Assignment Name & Description
    • Please note that Assignment Name is a required field, Description is not

Accessing “Create Assignment”:


  • Add Self-Assess Tests to the assignment
    • Please note that only Self-Assess tests that are already added to a Subject Tab will display at this step in the Assignment creation process

  • Optional Step: If the Self-Assess test that you are looking for doesn’t appear in the Self-Assess tests list, click the “Find More Tests” option, where you will a longer list of tests (see “Find More Tests” option in lower right corner of screenshot above).
  • Next, add Students to the assignment, by either selecting individual Students, Classes, or Groups:

  • Please note that if a Student’s credentials have not been configured, you will receive a notification, which will instruct you to add their credentials (Also note that Students cannot access assignments without credentials). 
  • You can add or change Student credentials by clicking on the “Student Credentials” link on the left side of page, then follow the prompt, once the Student Credentials screen pops up:

  • To Edit Assignments, please follow the same steps as mentioned above for Creating Assignments

Assignment Preview Page

  • Once an Assignment has been created, you can access the Assignment Preview
  • Please note that the Assignment Preview page will feature the following fields:
    • Assignment Name
    • Assignment Description (if filled out)
    • Tests included
    • Students assigned to
    • Completion progress for each test and student
    • Current Assignment status
    • Actions menu

Actions Menu

  • As mentioned above, part of the Assignment Preview and Assignment home page will be the Actions menu in the upper right corner for each assignment.
  • Based on Assignment status, teachers will have the opportunity to choose from the following action options:
    • Post to Students – Students gain access to the Assignment
    • Edit Assignments – Takes the teacher/user back to Create/Edit workflow, where they can make changes to the tests or students who are assigned to a particular Assignment
    • Delete Assignment – Deletes the Assignment and removes the Students’ access to it (Also, please note that already completed test sessions will NOT be deleted, just the assignment itself and subsequent access to it)
    • Complete Assignment – Manually completes the Assignment, closing off Student access to it.  Please note that once an Assignment has been manually Completed, all test sessions will be marked complete and partially completed tests will count with the score that has been achieved at the point of completion.

Assignments List Page

Assignment Center Hierarchy (Left Panel):

  • List Hierarchy:
    • All Assignments
    • In Progress
    • Not Started
    • Completed
    • Draft
  • Other Items:
    • Student Credentials
    • Intro/Help Page

  • “Create Assignment” Button (Top Panel – mentioned above):
  • In addition to the items above, the rest of the Assignments List page will include a list of Assignments already created.  For each Assignment, there will be an associated Assignment Tile, which will include the following pieces of information:
    • Assignment Name
    • Create/Posted/Completed Date
    • Assignment Status

  • Assignments will default to chronological order by Create Date, with the most recently created Assignment at the top
  • Two other sort options include Title (alphabetical) and Status
  • The ESGI team recommends that teachers use the List Hierarchy options in the Left Panel to narrow an Assignment search

Student Instructions

  • For Student sign-on instructions, each teacher will receive a set of instructions upon Posting the Assignment, which guide teachers in instructing Students how to access the Assignment:

Post to Students:


  • Teachers will also be able to access optional Student Login cards, by clicking on the “Download” link in step of the Instructions mentioned above.  The downloaded PDF will generate the Student Login cards, which will include the following pieces of information:
    • URL to access
    • District Code to authenticate back to the correct user
    • Username
    • Password

Student Login Page

  • Once Students access the Student Login page view the instructions given to them by their teacher, they will enter their credentials in the login page, therefore authenticating and redirecting to them to their individual Assignment page

Assignment Center login for Students:

Student Login page (After District ID has been entered):

  • Student Assignment Page: Once the Student has been directed to their Assignment page, they will see:
    • Student Name
    • Number of Assignments Active (In list form)
    • Number of Completed Assignments

  • From the Assignment Page, Students can then click on an Assignment and be taken to the Student Test Page, where they can begin their first test!

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