Purchasing Additional Student Slots

ESGI provides each regular teacher account with the ability to add up to 35 students in their class. Additional student slots can be added for $5 each and can be added at any time by logging into your ESGI account and using a credit card. Step by step instructions are included below. If multiple teachers need additional students and/or a purchase order will be submitted, please email

  1. Log into your ESGI account.
  2. Select the Profile tab.
  3. Locate the “Renew” box in the top right corner. Select Renew with Credit Card.
  4. In the Account Management screen, select Add Students.
  5. The current number of students is under Current Limit. To add additional student slots, click the up arrow the desired number of TOTAL student slots is displayed. For example, if you need 3 additional slots, change your new limit to 38.
  6. Additional student slots are $5.00 for 12 months. The additional cost will be pro-rated to your current expiration date.
  7. Select Add Students, then Check Out and enter credit card information to complete your purchase.
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