Move Students to Another Class


Teacher accounts must both be linked to the district to be able to move students between them.

To unenroll students from Teacher A's class and enroll them in Teacher B's class:

  1. Teacher A logs in to his/her account.
  2. Go to the Student Explorer.
  3. In the bottom section, check the box next to each of the students you want to unenroll. (You may need to do this on multiple pages.)
  4. Click "Remove Selected Students From Teacher List". Do NOT click "Delete Selected Students". That would delete their record.
  5. Teacher B logs in to his/her account.  Instead of clicking the "Add" button on the Home Page, go to the Student Explorer.
  6. Teacher B then drags and drops the students from the top Available Students section to the bottom.  Here is a Help Page about doing this in the Student Explorer.
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