Admin Accounts

Information about District/School Administration accounts:

With the purchase of ESGI teacher licenses, the administration can receive a free Admin Account in which they can view data, but cannot test students. There are both school level and district level Admin Accounts. 

Things that can be done in an Admin Account:


To be able to view combined data for the school or district, Managed Subject Tabs must be created.

An Admin account will be active as long as there is at least one active teacher accounts in the school or district.


Please see the instructional videos below.


Admin Webinar:   A 15 minute overview.

Intro part 1:   Info about:  Profile, view, School vs District accounts, expanding menus

Intro part 2:   How to edit or delete a teacher

Intro part 3:   Edit a student

Reports part 1:   Class, School, and District Totals Reports

Reports part 2:   When tabs change depending on what is selected

Reports part 3:   Create and edit tabs

The document referred to in this video has been converted to this Help Page!

Reports part 4:   Changing marking period dates

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