Do you provide training for ESGI?

We provide tutorial videos on this Help Site, a training module, and webinars for ESGI teacher training. 

In order to keep the cost of our program as low as we possibly can, we have subscribed to a webinar service which allows us to host a webinar for demonstrations, rather than flying out to physical locations.  Our program is web-based, so we are able to run the demonstration online very easily.  Webinars have proven very effective, as we can show our desktop and walk you through a demonstration, and answer any questions, just as if we were in the room.  We can accommodate up to 500 connections, so each teacher could potentially login to the webinar from their classroom, home, or wherever.  Or they could assemble in one room and use an LCD projector.  Further, the IT department or other interested parties could login from their location for the whole time or just a section of time to ask questions.  Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a webinar for your district after you have purchased ESGI.

Please watch our pre-recorded Intro Webinar.

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