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Does ESGI work on an iPad or tablet?

Yes!  ESGI works great on any tablet!  Open a browser (on an iPad, please use Safari), go to our website, and login.  Like any other web service, ESGI will only work if you are connected to the internet.   We do not currently have an "App".

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When scrolling your student list on the iPad, you must use TWO FINGERS to swipe.  If you use 1 finger, it will scroll the whole screen rather than the student list.

ALSO:  It is not possible to design a test on a tablet.  There is no way to drag images and text around.  You must create tests on your computer.

Remember, the ESGI site is just a web page.  To zoom in or zoom out, you can use your pointer finger and thumb on the screen at the same time and draw them closer together or further away.  

Click here for troubleshooting on an iPad.

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