ESGI Overview

ESGI is a one-on-one online assessment platform.  The best way to get to know ESGI is by watching our videos:

Why ESGI? Overview video (about 2 and a half minutes)

ESGI Teacher Overview (about 18 minutes)

A YouTube Video Playlist (13 short videos)

ESGI is typically used by Pre-K through 2nd grade teachers, as well as Reading/Resource Specialists who assess students one-on-one.  We have pre-loaded ESGI with assessments that are typically given by K-2 teachers.  Here is a list of tests that are pre-loaded.

However, the beauty of ESGI is that you can add your own tests to match your current assessments. Teachers are using ESGI to create tests in all subject areas.  Here is an explanation on How to Create Your Own Test.

Teachers use the data from ESGI to differentiate instruction, inform parents and administration, re-teach, show growth over time, and guide their instruction. In addition, with the purchase of 2 or more subscriptions at a school site, the school site administrator can get a free Admin Account.

Please see information on how to share tests that you have created with people in your district.

Please see information on Admin Accounts.

Please see our Purchasing/Renewal page for more information as well.

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