Troubleshooting Guide

What can I do if ESGI is not responding?  How can I troubleshoot? 


If you are on an iPad, please see our iPad troubleshooting guide.

Your Computer / Web-browser:
To troubleshoot an issue with your computer or web-browser:

     1.  Try restarting your computer

     2.  Try clearing your browser cache (click here for directions)

     3.  Try accessing ESGI from another workstation

The Internet / Network Connection
To troubleshoot an issue with your connection:

     4.  Try going to another website (

     5.  Try logging in to ESGI from another computer outside of school

If you continue to have problems after trying the solutions above, please Contact Us with the following information:

     6.  Let us know about your computer and browser by going here, and copy and paste this information to an email to us.

     7.  If you are able to log into your account from another computer that is not part of your district, such as your home computer, do you see the same issue?

     8.  If the issue is present in every situation, please be as specific as you can about what screen you see the issue on, what students/tabs/tests the issue is affecting, and any error messages you are getting.

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