Parent Letter

What is the Parent Letter?

The Parent Letter generates a letter you can send home with the student's test results for each test on a particular tab.  You are able to leave out tests you would not like to show or reduce the number of items to show.  Only incorrect items will show on the letter. If an item was not tested, it will not show as incorrect. The items will show in alphabetical order, not in the order they were tested. If you decide not to show all items, it will only show the number you choose of incorrect items. It will choose those items in the order they were missed, then alphabetize them (as opposed to alphabetizing them first, then choosing the number you would like to see).   This report can be saved as a Word file or saved as a PDF.  It contains the total correct answers, the grade (if you have the Grade Report set up), and a list of all correct and incorrect items.

The correct and incorrect answers are pulled from the Question Name entered when the test was created.

Other Parent Letter information:


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