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The Parent Letter is a personalized letter from the teacher to inform each student’s parents of their known and unknown skills. It includes each student's test results (correct items, incorrect items, and the grade, if Grade Scales are set up). To avoid students memorizing the items in test order, correct and incorrect items will be shown in alphabetical order. If an item was not tested, it will not be included on the Parent Letter. Question Notes (teacher observations during testing) can also be included. The Parent Letter can be printed in English or Spanish and saved as a Word.doc or PDF.  All tests from a particular tab can be included, and there is also the option to omit certain tests from the Parent Letter. This Support Page will provide step-by-step instructions for:

  • Running the Parent Letter
  • Including all tests in one Parent Letter
  • Fixing the Test Title Repeating under Correct and Incorrect
  • Missing answers
  • Printing Parent Letter in Spanish
  • Modifying the Parent Letter Template (message to parents)
  • Including Question Notes on the Parent Letter


Running the Parent Letter

1. Select “All Students” on the left under the Students Heading. An individual student name can also be selected.

2. Select a Subject Tab.


3. Click "Parent Letter".


4. Select options to include


5. Click “Show for whole class” and Parent Letters will print for the entire class. 


If an individual student's name was selected in Step 1, then an option to print for just that student will be available:


6. Sample Parent Letter with options:


7. Download as Word.doc* or PDF**:


*To include personalized comments for each parent, download as Word, then type the comments in the Word.doc. Save and/or print the Word.doc and send home to parents. These additional comments are not saved in ESGI.

**When downloaded as a PDF File, the Parent Letter can be emailed directly to parents.


Including all tests in one Parent Letter

The tests that appear on a Parent Letter (and all other reports) depend on the Subject Tab the tests are on.  To print the Parent Letter with all tests, create your own Subject Tab with all the tests that you want to appear together on the Parent Letter. Tests can appear in more than one Subject Tab, and the same data is reported on each if the exact same test is used.


Fixing the Test Title Repeating under Correct and Incorrect

If the Question Name appears as the answer to the question on the Parent Letter under the “Correct” and “Incorrect” headings, then the author used the Test Title for the Question Name of each question when creating the test. This field should be the name of the question and can be edited only by the test author. The Edit/Modify a Test Support Page provides step-by-step instructions.

The Question Name is usually the answer to the question (the sight word, the pattern, etc.), but it can be the question itself.  When the answer is the sight word, the letter, the sound, etc., the Parent Letter is easy to understand. If the Question Name is the question itself (i.e., "What word is this"), then it will be difficult for the parent to understand. With addition and subtraction, the Question Name should be the equation, such as 2 + 5, instead of just 7.

It is important to keep this short since they will print on the Parent Letter.  Longer names make the report very difficult to read.



Missing answers

Questions in ESGI are marked as Correct, Incorrect, or Not Tested. Items "Not Tested" are included in the score as incorrect. Questions that were not tested will not appear on the Parent Letter, unless they are marked as Incorrect. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions under "Editing Test Details" on the Details Button Support Page.


Printing Parent Letter in Spanish

The Parent Letter in English has been translated into Spanish and both are available as default templates. Parent Letters are generated in Spanish if the “primary language” of a specific student is set to Spanish when the student is added to the Class List. To edit an incorrect language for a student: 

1. Click "edit" next to a student's name in the class list:


2. Select "Spanish" from the drop down menu then click "Save":


**NOTE:  If your district imports, your students and their primary languages are automatically added to your class list. The ability to edit is disabled. Please contact your district office if you need to request a change of Primary Language for a student. 


Modifying the Parent Letter Template (message to parents)

The text on each Parent Letter Template can be edited, but must be manually edited in each language. ESGI does not automatically translate.

1. Click "Parent Letter"


2. Click "Edit Message in Parent Letter":


3. Select the Language from the drop down, then modify the Parent Letter text in that language. ESGI does not automatically translate, so each template must be edited in that language. Do not edit the symbols or text within the < and >; they are needed to populate the Parent Letters.

4. An additional template can be added in any language by selecting "Other" from the drop down and then editing the text in that language.



Including Question Notes on the Parent Letter

1. Select "All Students" or an individual student name from the class list then select the Subject Tab:


2. Click "Parent Letter":


3. Click "Include Question Notes in Parent Letter":


4. The notations in the top row (Correct or Incorrect) correspond with the notations in the Notes Section:




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