Untested Students

The Untested Students report shows the list of students that have not been administered a test within a defined number of days. The list can be viewed or printed and a test can be started directly from this report by clicking on a student and test. This Support Page provides step-by-step instructions for:

  • Viewing Untested Students
  • Testing an Untested Student
  • Exporting the Untested Students report


Viewing Untested Students

1. Select a Subject Tab, then click "Untested Students":


2. Select the number of days from the drop down menu to view students who haven't been tested in that timeframe. A table will display the students and tests:



Testing an Untested Student

Click "Run Test" for a specific student and it will open the test for that student: untested_students_-_3.png


Exporting the Untested Students report

1. Click "Export":


2. Select "Save as Pdf" or "Save as Excel":




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