Students Report in Admin Accounts

What are the District Students Report and School Students Report?


These Students Reports are available in both the District Admin and School Admin Accounts.  It is exactly like the Class Totals Report, but includes all students in the school/district. 

In the School Students Report (available in both the School Admin Account and District Admin Account), the teacher, class and grade are listed as well as the student name.  If teachers are using more than one set of marking periods, the track they are on is also listed. 

In the District Students Report (available in the District Admin Account), the same information is listed, as well as the school.  Please see the Help Page on the Class Totals Report to learn about column headers, sorting the columns, Average Percent Correct (previously Total Weighted Score), and more! 

The Student Totals Reports are best used with Managed Subject Tabs.  Please see the pictures below on how to find these reports:






Example of a Student Totals Report.  The arrow next to the column header "Grade" indicates that is the column the report is currently sorted by.



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