Flashcards provide the student and/or parent with the items that the student missed on an assessment so that they can practice at home. The flashcards can be printed for one individual student or for the entire class. A full set of flashcards may also be printed so that students can practice every item on an assessment whether they got it correct, incorrect or it was not given during testing.

Some key points:

  • Flashcards do not print for Single Score tests.
  • Items display in alphabetical order, not in the order they were tested.
  • To save paper, flashcards can print six, nine or twelve on a page.

This Support Page will provide step-by-step instructions for:

  • Printing Flashcards at the End of the Test
  • Printing Flashcards for the Entire Class or One Student

 Printing Flashcards at the End of the Test

On the last screen of a test administration, before clicking Close, click on "Flashcards" to immediately print a set of flashcards of the incorrect answers.



Printing Flashcards for the Entire Class or One Student

1. Click on a student's name, select a Subject Tab, and click "Flashcards":


2. Choose the desired settings. By default, the print out will include only those items that were incorrect. If "Incorrect & Skipped" is selected, then all incorrect and skipped/not tested questions will be included. If "Full Set" is selected, a complete set of all test questions will print without student names. Select the number of flashcards to print on a page.

3. In the Test Table, select the Number of incorrect items to print:

  • Questions that were skipped and/or not given during testing are separated from the incorrect answers, however are still counted as incorrect. To not include the "Skipped Questions", check "Incorrect Only".
  • The number of incorrect items to print can be "All" or only a certain number. Deselect "All" and enter the desired number to print.
  • Once a Subject Tab is selected, all tests on that tab will display. To not include a test on the Flashcards, uncheck the box. 

4. Use the drop down menus to switch to a different class (if applicable), student, All students, or subject tab:



5. Click "View Flashcards":

6. Click "Download" to save or print the file.   If “All Students” was selected in the Flashcard Settings, there will be the option to select “One PDF File” (a single file that contains all students) or “ZIP” (a zipped folder that contains individual files for each student):

7. At the top of each page, the date, subject, teacher name, class name and student name will display in the heading. On each flash card, the student name, date, test name, and incorrect and/or skipped questions will print: Flashcards10.jpg







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