Using an Activation Code


Could you please explain how Activation Codes work?



After purchasing ESGI, you will receive an Activation Code.  That code will work as many times as licenses you ordered.  For example, if you purchased 11 licenses, the code will work 11 times.  (That number is not altered by removing a teacher account when logged in to an Admin Account.  Only an ESGI employee can change that number.)

If the Activation Code is applied to a currently active account in the Profile, the code will extend the account for 12 months.  For example, if the current account expiration date is 2/26/16, the account will be extended until 2/26/17.

If the Activation Code is applied to a new account or on a renewal screen of an account that is already expired, it will extend the account for 12 months from the date of entry.  For example, if an Activation Code is purchased on 5/15/15, then a new account is created using that code on 8/1/15, the account will expire on 8/1/16.

For that Activation Code that was purchased on 5/15/15, it can be applied to an account at any time until 5/15/16, and it will extend the account as described above.

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