District/School Managed Subject Tabs (Admin Accounts)

How do I make tabs that will appear on the Home Page of everyone in my school or district?


***NOTE:  This cannot be done in a teacher's account.

1.  Log in to the District or School Admin Account.  Go to the Test Explorer.

2016 TE button.jpg

2.  Click on Organize Subjects at the top.

2016 TE organize subjects.png

3.  Click the New Subject button at the bottom. 

2016 TE new subject.png


4.  Type the name you would like for the tab.


FYI: Typically districts will name a tab like this:  "CCSD K - 1st Tri LA".  This would be for Cherry Creek School District, Kindergarten teachers, for the 1st trimester, for Language Arts. It is up to you!

You can click Save now.  Or you can finish the other three areas to edit for the tab.  These three things you can do now, or you can do after adding tests.  The first is to publish the tab so it is visible to teachers.  If you would like them to see it immediately, you can check the box next to Is Published.

The second thing is to add the grade levels in which you want the tabs to appear.  If you only want the tab visible for K teachers, click in the box and select Kindergarten. If you want it also visible for 1st grade teachers, click in the box again and select that grade level as well. Please note: the tab will only be visible to teachers when there is a student added to the class list that is in one of the selected grade levels.

The third is to decide about the test type.  By default, Force Test Type will be de-selected. You can change that to force the test type by checking the box.  Then select Test Incorrect Only or Retest All by clicking on the circle next to the option.

5.  Click Save.

6.  Click Add a Test. 

2016 TE add a test.png

7.  Find tests to add using the filtering tools at the top.  Drag and drop tests from the bottom left to your tab on the right.

2016 TE add a test to subject.png

8.  If you did not publish the tab, select grade levels, or decide on the testing type, hover over the tab, click edit, and change those fields now.


9.  After you have published it, this new tab will be a different color on the teachers’ Home Screen.  It will be purple if it was created in a District Admin Account.  It will be blue if it was created in a School Admin Account.

If your blue/purple tabs are not showing up in a teacher's account, it is possible that:
             a.  No students are added to the teacher's class list.

             b.  The students added to the teachers class list are not in the
                  same grade level(s) as indicated.

            c.  The tab is not published.



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