ESGI Pre-Loaded Assessments

ESGI has over 1,000 pre-loaded assessments available for teachers to use. Visit the Friends of ESGI Support Page to view their tests. Click here to see how to add tests to your Home Page.


Pre-Loaded System Assessments:

Pre-Reading: Upper/Lower Case Letters, Upper/Lower Case Sounds, Sight Words (50), Concepts of Print

Pre-Math: Number Recognition, Coin Identification, Patterning, Shapes

Phonics: CVC Words, Final-e, Blends, Digraphs, Y as a Vowel, Vowel + r

Other Sight Words: Other sight word lists, in groups of 30 words (Total of 240 words)

Phonemic Awareness: Initial Sounds, Final Sounds, Blending, Rhyming


Teachers also have the ability to create their own tests!    To learn how to create your own tests, visit the ESGI Creating a Test page.   



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