Creating a Test

How do I create my own test?


If you are creating a simple sight words, numbers, letters, or sounds test, please see this page on using the Auto Test Creator

  1. Click on the Test Explorer button at the top of your screen then click the Create New Test button.2016_TE_button.jpg 2016_TE_create_a_test_button.png
  2. Fill in the fields (or at least the Test Name), and click Save.test_details_with_suggested_grade_level.jpg
  3. Click Add Question.  Add the Question Name for the question (this is what appears on the Parent Letter and should be specific to the question), teacher directions, and what should appear on the screen for your question.  You can click Save Question or Save Question and add another.  If you do the latter, it will copy your directions and text formatting to the next question.2016_TE_add_a_question.png

    4.  When you have finished adding questions, save your test.  Even though you have saved each question, the overall test must be saved as well.  Before you save, you can select which Subject Tab(s) in which you would like the test to appear. 

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