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ESGI has partnered with Kishmorr Productions to have Spanish tests available. Here is a Listing of Spanish Tests that are available in Test Explorer. Step-by-step instructions on finding available Spanish tests and creating custom Spanish tests are provided below. Two videos are also included at the bottom of this Support Page.


Finding Spanish Tests

1. Click the Test Explorer button.


2. Using the Content Area filter on left, select “Spanish”.  A list of all tests that have been created in Spanish will show in the results.


Creating Custom Spanish tests

Create your own tests using Spanish letters and sight words found in the ESGI Image Gallery. Using the Spanish Keyboard, you can create additional Spanish words and letters with accents.

1.  In Test Explorer, click the Create New Test link that is found in the Subject & Tests panel on the right.

2. Fill out the test details and click the “Save” button.

3. Click the “Add Question” button.

4.  Add the required fields to create the test question and click on the “Add Image” button.

5.  Click on the “ESGI Stock” library.


6. Click on the Spanish folder and then click on either Letters or Sight Words to see the options available in Spanish.

7. Click on a letter or word to insert it onto the test slide.

8.  When you are finished with the slide, click on the “Next Question” or “Save and Close” button.

Please CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on printing the Parent Letter in Spanish to send home with your students. 

Finding Spanish Tests video:

Creating Custom Spanish Tests video: 




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