Edit/Modify a Test

When editing a test that has been shared and/or already given to a student, the data could be altered:

  • If you add or remove questions, the percentage correct will change.
  • If you edit a question that changes what is asked, the data will no longer reflect the student's answers.
  • If you edit a question and only change a picture (the question asks "what color is this" and you change the picture from a frog to a leaf), the data remains intact.

To edit or modify an existing test, you must be the test author! Below the video are step-by-step instructions.


Edit/Modify a Test video:



Find the test to edit:

  1. Log in and click the Test Explorer button.

  2. Locate the test by:
    - using the Search field at the top to search by keyword or author name
    - using the "My Tests" filter on the left side
    - using the "My Drafts" filter on the left side (these are tests you started to create, but did not save)
  3. Click on the test name.

At this point you can:

  1. Edit an existing question by clicking the 3 dots and then clicking on the Edit option: 

  2. Delete a question by clicking the 3 dots and then clicking on the Delete option: 

  3. Choose a Thumbnail for the test by clicking the 3 dots and then clicking on the Set as Thumbnail option: 

  4. Add a new question by clicking on the Add Question button.  

  5. Change the background from black (default) to white). Note that any questions with a white font will display light gray. Click the three dots next to each question to edit the font color:

    Select any color then Save and Close:

  6. Reorder the questions by dragging and dropping the question into the desired order. 

  7. Randomize the test questions by clicking on the Randomize button.

  8. Edit the test details using the fields on the left. Description is a required field.  

    9. For a Single Score test, edit the Test Name, Total Possible, Description, Content Area, Grade, State Standard, Share with District and Subject Tab(s):



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