Kathy Crane's CCSS PreK, CCSS Kinder, and K Screener Tests


What are the names of Kathy Crane's Tests?


See the list of her 85 tests below.  See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Kindergarten Language Arts: Kindergarten Math:
Alphabet Letters RF.K.1d. Comparison K.MD.A.2.
Beginning Sound RF.K.2. Add & Subtract (5)-K.OA.A.5.
Blending Words RF.K.2d. Attributes K.MD.A.1.
Concepts of Print RF.K.1a-c. Classify/Categorize K.MD.A.3.
Emergent Text RF.K.4. Comparing Numbers K.CC.C.7.
Emergent Writing W.K.1-8. Comparing Sets K.CC.C.6.
Fine Motor Skills. Count “How Many” K.CC.B.5.
Gross Motor Skills. Counting Forward K.CC.A.2.
Identifies Colors. Counts Identifies # K.CC.B.4.
Language Usage L.K.1 and 4. Counts to 100 by 1s K.CC.A.1.
Letter Sounds RF.K.3a. Counts to 100 x 10’s K.CC.A.1.
Lit & Inf Text RL.K RI.K. Decomposing Numbers K.OA.A.3.
Nonsense Words RF.K.3. Flat Shapes K.G.A.2.
Opposites L.K.5b. Form Larger Shapes K.G.B.6.
Positional Words. Model Shapes K.G.B.5.
Prints Letters L.K.1a. Numbers 11-19 K.NBT.A.1.
Rhyming RF.K.2a. Recognize Numbers 0-20 K.CC.
Segmenting Words RF.K.2d. Three-D Shapes K.G.A.2.
Sight Words RF.K.3c. What Makes 10 K.OA.A.4.
Similar Words RF.K.3d. Word Problems + & - K.OA.A.1.
Sound Substitution RF.K.2e. Write Count 0-10 K.CC.A.3.
Syllables RF.K.2b. Writes Count 11-20 K.CC.A.3.
Writes CVC Words L.K.2d. Writes Numbers 0-10 K.CC.A.3.
Writing Conventions L.K.2a-b. Writes Numbers 11-20 K.CC.A.3.
Pre-K Language Arts: Pre-K Math:
L. PreK.1a-f. Language. PreK.CC. Number Names.
RF. PreK.1a-e. Print Concepts. PreK.CC.1. Counts to 20.
RF. PreK.1d. Alphabet. PreK.CC.2. Count Sequence.
RF. PreK.2a. Rhymes. PreK.CC.3. Count/Numerals.
RF. PreK.2b-c. Syllables. PreK.CC.4a-b. Counts How Many.
RF. PreK.2d-e. Sounds in Words. PreK.CC.4c. One More Number.
RF. PreK.3a. Letter Sounds. PreK.CC.5. Counts/Number Line.
RF. PreK.3c. Familiar Words. PreK.CC.6. More/Less/Equal.
RF. PreK.3d. Letters Features. PreK.CC.7. Compares Quantities.
RL.RI.PreK. Key Ideas/ Details. PreK.G.1-3. Geometry.
SL.PreK.1a-b.Speak/Listen. PreK.MD.1.2. Measurement Vocab.
W. PreK.1-8. Writing. PreK.MD.1a.3. Data Analysis.
  PreK.OA.1. Add/Subtract.
  PreK.OA.2a. Combining Objects.
  PreK.OA.3-5 Decompose 0-5.
  PreK.OA.6. Patterns.
Kindergarten Pre-Screener Tests:  
Writes Name  
Draws Self  
Names Colors  
Names Shapes  
Names Uppercase Letters  
Counts to 20  
Names Numbers 0-9  
Knows Positional Words  
Demonstrates Pre-Reading Skill  



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