Jayne Gammons' CCGPS Tests

What are the names of Jayne Gammons' Tests?


See the list of her 68 tests below.  See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Language Arts: Math:
 ELACCKL1a Print Letters  MCCKCC1 Count 100 by 1 and 10
 ELACCKL1b,c Plurals  MCCKCC2 Count Forward
 ELACCKL1d Question Words  MCCKCC3a Writing Numbers 0-20
 ELACCKL1e Prepositions  MCCKCC3b Represent with 0-20
 ELACCKL1f Expanding Sentences  MCCKCC4a Say numbers order
 ELACCKL2a,b Capitalize, Punc  MCCKCC4b Last Number Tells Obj
 ELACCKL2c Letters for Sounds  MCCKCC4c Name Refers 1 Larger
 ELACCKL2d Spell Phonetically  MCCKCC5 How Many to 20
 ELACCKL4a New Meanings  MCCKCC6 Greater/Less/Equal
 ELACCKL4b Inflections Affixes  MCCKCC7 Compare Numerals 1-10
 ELACCKL5a Sort into Categories  MCCKG1 Shape Names & Positions
 ELACCKL5b Relate Verbs Opposit  MCCKG2 Correctly Name Shapes
 ELACCKL5c Identify Connections  MCCKG3 Identify Shapes 2D 3D
 ELACCKR9 Compare/Contrast Stor  MCCKG4 Analyze 2D & 3D
 ELACCKRF1a Organiz/Features  MCCKG5 Model Shapes in World
 ELACCKRF1b,c Spoken Words  MCCKG6 Compose Larger Shapes
 ELACCKRF1d Lowercase  MCCKMD1 Measurable Attributes
 ELACCKRF1d Uppercase  MCCKMD2 Compare 2 objects
 ELACCKRF2a Recog/Produce Rhymi  MCCKMD3 Classify, Count, Sort
 ELACCKRF2b Syllables  MCCKNBT1 Compose and Decompose
 ELACCKRF2c Blend/Segment  MCCKOA1 Represent Add & Subt
 ELACCKRF2d Pronounce Sounds  MCCKOA2 Solve Word Problems
 ELACCKRF2e Add/Subst Sounds  MCCKOA3 Decompose Numbers
 ELACCKRF3ab Produce Sounds lc  MCCKOA4 Find Number to Make 10
 ELACCKRF3ab Produce Sounds uc  MCCKOA5 Fluently Add Within 5
 ELACCKRF3c Read Sight Words  MCCKOA5 Fluently Subtract
 ELACCKRF3d Distinguish Sim Spe  
 ELACCKRF4 Emergent C Leve Text  
 ELACCKRI1,2,3 Info Texts  
 ELACCKRI5 Parts of Book  
 ELACCKRI8 Author's Reasons  
 ELACCKRI9 Compare Info Texts  
 ELACCKRL1, 2, 3 Story Reading  
 ELACCKRL10, RI10 Group Reading  
 ELACCKRL2 Retell Story  
 ELACCKRL3 Parts of a Story  
 ELACCKRL4 & RI4 Words in Text  
 ELACCKRL5 Text Types  
 ELACCKRL6,7 RI6,7 Auth/Illus  
 ELACCKSL1,6 Collab Conv  
 ELACCKSL2,3 Info Orally  
 ELACCKSL4 Describe  
 ELACCKW1 Opinion Pieces  
 ELACCKW2 Informative Texts  
 ELACCKW3 Narratives  
 ELACCKW5 Suggestions from Peer  
 ELACCKW6 Digital Tools  
 ELACCKW7,8 Shared Research  



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