Meet the ESGI Noted Authors (Friends of ESGI)

The ESGI Noted Authors are educators who have used and promoted ESGI and are all considered experts in their field.   They have written tests that are available in your account!


Adam Peterson

Adam has created 24 tests for the IL KIDS  assessment.

Please visit Adam's YouTube page!

Here is a list of Adam's Tests.


Alive Studios

Alive Studios provides 34 Supplemental Reading and Math tests for PK-3. They are the world's first company to develop an augmented reality curriculum for early education. 

Please visit Alive Studios!

Here is a list of Alive Studios' Tests.


Brenda Tejeda

Here is a list of Brenda's Sight Words in Context for Grades K and 1.


Christine Barrett

Chris has shared the complete series of 57 assessments that belong to the KAP (Kindergarten Assessment of Progress), which is a state-approved DPAS II Internal Measure assessment, along with the state approved DPAS II sections of the DELS Survey for Language Arts and the DELS Survey for Math.  All assessments also align to the Common Core State Standards.

Here is a list of Chris Barrett's Tests.


Crystal Radke

Crystal Radke has created 57 custom ELA and Math tests, especially for Texas kindergarten teachers.  All tests are aligned to the TEKS and designed to make your life much easier.  Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are the state’s curriculum standards.

Please visit Kreative in Kinder!

Here is a list of Crystal's Tests.


Deedee Wills

Deedee shared her K/1 Math and ELA Assessments (25 CCSS Kindergarten) with ESGI to provide an easy and efficient way to track and report student progress, create small groups, and develop effective intervention strategies using real-time item analyses. She also has created 89 Guiding Readers and Guiding Math tests for her curriculum, including tests in a multiple choice format for Engaging Readers.

Deedee has many tests aligned to her curriculum including her Engaging Readers Phonics tests and Not Your Mother’s Sight Word series.

After several years in the classroom, Deedee continues to work with kindergarten teachers around the country as a national presenter and staff developer. 

Please visit Deedee's blog!

Here is a list of Deedee's Tests.


Deanna Jump

Deanna has created 11 Phonological Awareness tests for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Please visit Deanna's blog!

Here is a list of Deanna's Tests.


Donna Whyte

Donna has created 93 assessments for the K-4 Reading Continuum series she created which allows teachers to quickly diagnose reading steps that determine a student's skill level and their specific needs required to move forward in literacy. She's also created 24 assessments for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)!

Please visit The Smartie Zone!

Here is a list of Donna's Tests.


Dr Jean Feldman and Carolyn Kisloski

Dr Jean and Carolyn have created 47 assessments for their Happies series.

Please visit Monthly Happies blog!

Here is a list of Dr Jean and Carolyn's Tests.


Greg Smedley-Warren

Greg has created 58 assessments for ESGI.  A 'Smorgasbord' of ELA, math, and science tests for kindergarten teachers.

Please visit The Kindergarten Smorgasbord!

Here is a list of Greg's Tests.


Heidi Butkus

Heidi Butkus created 58 phonics assessments directly tied to her world-renowned HeidiSongs instructional resources.

Please visit Heidi Songs' page!

Here is a list of Heidi Butkus's Tests.


Jamie Hubbard

Here is a list of Jamie's Portfolio Alternative Assessments for TN Portfolio for Grades PreK and K.


Jayne Gammons

Jayne Gammons has created 98 tests that align to the 2019 GKIDS state standards (GKIDS 2.0) and 68 tests that align to every every Georgia Common Core Performance Standard for Kindergarten (CCGPS/CCSS).

Here is a list of  Jayne's Tests.


Jennifer Kadar

Jennifer Kadar created 34 Basic Skills tests for Kindergarten, all available in ESGI Test Explorer.

You can read more about Jennifer by visiting her Simply Kinder blog.

Here is a list of Jennifer's Tests.


Jessica Travis

Jessica Travis has created 44 Math and 62 ELA tests for First Grade that align to the Texas TEKS and are available for use in Test Explorer. Read more about Jessica by visiting her blog Jessica Travis Teaching and her Facebook page Wild About Firsties.

Here is a list of Jessica's Tests.


Kathy Crane

Kathy holds a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, a M.Ed. in Reading Instruction and a Ed.D in Early Childhood Education: Reading and Literacy. Kathy is the co-author of eleven teacher resource books published by Teacher Created Materials, and seven guided readers published by Hameray Publishing. She is a national presenter for SDE. Her 85 CCSS-aligned tests for Preschool and Kindergarten and 9 Kindergarten Pre-Screener tests are available for use in Test Explorer.

Please visit Kindergarten Kiosk!

Here is a list of Kathy's Tests.


Kim Adsit

Kim created 7 ESGI assessments to accompany her popular series DI: Easy as Pie, Small Group Math Activities.  These assessments ensure effective instruction through appropriate grouping.

Please visit KinderGals!

Here is a list of Kim's Tests.


Kinder Glitter Girls

Jamie and Jodi, aka the Kinder Glitter Girls, have published tests in ESGI that align to the Mississippi standards for Kindergarten.

Please visit the Kinder Glitter Girls blog.

Here is a list of the Kinder Glitter Girls tests.


Kishmorr Productions

Kishmorr Productions, LLC has published 9 ESGI tests in Spanish, which are aligned with their online program called Lee Con Ángel. It is a supplementary Spanish reading program which gives students the opportunity to develop reading skills at their own pace.

Please visit Kishmorr Productions!

Here is a list of Kishmorr's Tests. 


Marcy Bernethy

Marcy Bernethy has created 32 math tests specifically for Second Grade that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Standards.

Please visit Saddle Up for Second Grade!

Here is a list of Marcy's Tests.


Marsha McGuire

Marsha McGuire has created 11 sight words tests based on the Dolch list using different sports balls to aid in Differentiated Instruction.

Please visit Differentiated Kindergarten!

Here is a list of Marsha's Tests


Mary Amoson

Mary Amoson created 42 assessments to accompany her Sight Word Stations resource available for preschool through third grade.

Please visit Sharing Kindergarten!

Here is a list of Mary's Tests


Palma Lindsay

Palma Lindsay has shared the complete series of her 26 custom Transitional Kindergarten tests!  These tests are created with consideration to both the pre-school foundational standards and the kindergarten CCSS.

Please visit Palma's blog!

Here is a list of Palma's Tests.


Reagan Tunstall

Reagan Tunstall has created a series of tests for guiding Math instruction for use in Kindergarten through Second Grade.

Please visit her blog at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

Here is a list of Reagan's Tests.


Shannon McCartney

Shannon is the founder of Strategic Intervention Solutions and an international educational consultant & author. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience and created 64 tests for the ESGI Test Series: PK-2 Early Numeracy and Sensory Motor Skills.

Please visit Shannon's SIS 4 Teachers website. 

Here is a list of Shannon's Tests.


Trisha Peterson

Trisha is a 2nd Grade teacher in Illinois and uses ESGI to assess and differentiate for her students in order to work more closely on their individual needs! She created the entire 2nd-grade CCSS assessment series -- a total of 82 tests!

Please visit the Adam & Trish Teach blog!

Here is a list of Trisha's Tests.


Vanessa Levin

Vanessa shares her 52 custom Preschool and Pre-K assessments based on her many years of experience as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher in the public school system. These assessment tools are perfect for testing the basic skills that are the foundation of all early childhood programs.

Please visit Pre-K Pages!

Here is a list of Vanessa Levins' Tests.


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