Palma Lindsay's Transitional Kindergarten Tests

Palma Lindsay has created 26 tests for Transitional Kindergarten (see below). CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions for adding these tests to your Home Screen.


Language Arts: Math:
T-KFUN G.A1 Spatial Pos Wds T-KFUN CC.A1 Rote Count to 30
T-KFUN L1-Con/Eng copy letters T-KFUN CC.A3 Writes #s 0-10
T-KFUN L2 a-b Conv. of St. Eng T-KFUN CC.B4 Count # In Set
T-KFUN RF.1a-b Print Concepts T-KFUN CC.B5 Count Sets 0-10
T-KFUN RF.1d Lowercase Letters T-KFUN CC.C6 Compare Sets< = >
T-KFUN RF.1d Uppercase Letters T-KFUN Colors
T-KFUN RF.2a Rhyming T-KFUN G.A2 2D Shapes
T-KFUN RF.3a-b Letter sounds T-KFUN MD.A1-2 length/wt/cap
T-KFUN RF.3c Sight words T-KFUN MD.B3 Sort & Classify
T-KFUN RI.1-10 Read info text T-KFUN Number Recognition 0-10
T-KFUN RL.1-10 Literature T-KFUN OA.A1-2 +&- to 5 w/ pix
T-KFUN SL.1-2 Listens/ speaks  
T-KFUN SL4-6 Draws/Describes  
T-KFUN Visual Discrimination  
T-KFUN W1-3 Text Types  


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