Palma Lindsay's Transitional Kindergarten Tests

What are the names of Palma Lindsay's Tests?


See the list of her 26 tests below.  See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Language Arts: Math:
T-KFUN G.A1 Spatial Pos Wds T-KFUN CC.A1 Rote Count to 30
T-KFUN L1-Con/Eng copy letters T-KFUN CC.A3 Writes #s 0-10
T-KFUN L2 a-b Conv. of St. Eng T-KFUN CC.B4 Count # In Set
T-KFUN RF.1a-b Print Concepts T-KFUN CC.B5 Count Sets 0-10
T-KFUN RF.1d Lowercase Letters T-KFUN CC.C6 Compare Sets< = >
T-KFUN RF.1d Uppercase Letters T-KFUN Colors
T-KFUN RF.2a Rhyming T-KFUN G.A2 2D Shapes
T-KFUN RF.3a-b Letter sounds T-KFUN MD.A1-2 length/wt/cap
T-KFUN RF.3c Sight words T-KFUN MD.B3 Sort & Classify
T-KFUN RI.1-10 Read info text T-KFUN Number Recognition 0-10
T-KFUN RL.1-10 Literature T-KFUN OA.A1-2 +&- to 5 w/ pix
T-KFUN SL.1-2 Listens/ speaks  
T-KFUN SL4-6 Draws/Describes  
T-KFUN Visual Discrimination  
T-KFUN W1-3 Text Types  


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