Crystal Radke's TEKS Tests

What are the names of Crystal Radke's Tests?


See the list of her 57 tests below.  See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Language Arts: Math:
K.1B Capital Letters K.2A Backwards to 20 w/o obj.
K.1B Lowercase Letters K.2A Backwards to 20 W/obj
K.1D Letter vs. Word K.2A Counting Forward w/Object
K.1E Counting Words in a Sent. K.2A Forwards to 20 w/o obj.
K.1F Print Awareness K.2B I can read numbers to 20
K.2B Counting Syllables K.2B Showing quantity to 20.
K.2B How Many Sounds in a Word K.2B Writing numbers to 20
K.2B Letter Sounds K.2D Subitizing w/obj. 11-20
K.2C Generate Rhyming Words K.2D Subitizing w/objects 0-10
K.2D Rhyming vs. Non-Rhyming K.2F More than one to 20
K.2E Words w/Same Beg. Sound K.2F One less numbers to 20
K.2F Blend Onset & Rime K.2G Comparing #'s more/less
K.2G Blend Sounds/Make Words K.3A Problem Solving Addition
K.2H Recognize Beginning Sound K.3A Problem Solving Subtracti
K.2I Segment Words Into Sounds K.4 Identify Coins
K.3C Deleting Ending Sounds K.5 I can count to 100.
K.3C Deleting Initial Sounds K.5 Numbers in any order
K.3D Read 30 Common Words K.6 I can identify 2D shapes
K.4 Reading Strategies K.6B Identify 3D Shapes
K.5 Reading/Vocabulary Develop K.7B Comparing Objects
K.5B Compound Words K.8B Picture Graphs
K.6A Story Elements K.9A Identify ways to earn $.
K.11A Follow Picture Direction K.9B Money earned vs. gifts
K.13 Writing Process K.9C Skills for Jobs
K.17 Writing Letters Correctly K.9D Wants vs. Needs
K.18B CVC words Addition Problems to 10
K.18C Write First & Last Name Count to 50
K.18C Writing First Name Number Recognition 1-10



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