Christine Barrett's Subject Tabs

What tests do I put in to Subject Tabs to re-create Christine Barrett's?

Create 3 new Subject Tabs and put in the following tests.


All tests with beginning tags of KAP, KDELA, and KDEM go under this assessment subject. All tests with beginning tags of DELA, and KDELA go under this assessment subject. All tests beginning with tags DEM and KDEM go under this assessment subject.
KAP-Self Awareness DELA-15a.2-Nurs Rhyme Singing DEM-20a.2-4 Attempts Counting
KAP-Color Identification DELA-15a.4-Fill In Missing Rhy DEM-20a.6-Counts to 20
KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Upper Letters DELA-15a.6-8 Id/Gen Rhym Words DEM-20a.8-Count to 100
KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Lower Letters DELA-15b.2-Repeat Sentences DEM-20b.2-Number Concepts to 5
KAP-Concepts of Print DELA-15b.4-Match Beg Sounds DEM-20b.4-Counting Sets
KAP-Id/Gen Rhyming Words DELA-15b.6-Id Initial Sounds DEM-20b.6-More, Less, Equal
KAP-Story Elements DELA-15b.8-Initial Sounds DEM-20b.8-Addition/Subtraction
KDELA-16b.2-4-Prod Let Sounds DELA-15c.2-Id Sentence Words DEM-20c.2-4-Number Id to 5
KAP-Reading DELA-15c.4-Id Num of Syllables DEM-20c.6-Number Id to 10
KDELA-19a-Write 1st/Last Name DELA-15c.6-Onset and Rhyme KDEM-20c.8-Id Numbers 0 to 20
KDELA-19b.1-6-Emergent Writing DELA-15c.6-Phoneme Blending DEM-20c.8-Number Id to 20-Part 2
KDEM21b.4-6-2D/3D Shape Id/Rec DELA-15c.8-Seg Sounds in Words DEM-21a.2-Positional Terms
KAP-Positional Term Rec and Id KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Upper Letters DEM-21a.4-Proximity Words
KAP-Counting and Cardinality KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Lower Letters DEM-21a.6-Pos Term Rec and Id
KDEM-20c.8-Id Numbers 0 to 20 KDELA-16b.2-4-Prod Let Sounds DEM-21a.8-Map Creation
KDEM-22.2-6-Id Meas Attributes DELA-16b.6 Nonsense Words DEM-21b.2-2D Shape Rec
KAP-Comparing Numbers DELA-16b.8-Write CVC Words KDEM-21b.4-6-2D /3D Shape Id/Rec
KAP-Addition and Subtraction DELA-17b.2-Uses of Print DEM-21b.8-Hexagon Creation
KAP-Place Value DELA-17b.4-1 Line Direction KDEM-22.2-6-Id Meas Attributes
  DELA-17b.6-Features of Print DEM-22.8-Ordinal Numbers
  DELA-17b.8-3 Line Direction  
  DELA-18a.2-8-Read Alouds  
  DELA-18b.2-8-Emergent Reading  
  KDELA-19a-Write 1st/Last Name  
  KDELA-19b.1-6-Emergent Writing  
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