Christine Barrett's D-KAP Tests

Christine Barrett has created 57 D-KAP tests that are available for use in ESGI (see below). 

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Language Arts: Mathematics:
DELA-15a.2-Nurs Rhyme Singing DEM-20a.2-4 Attempts Counting
DELA-15a.4-Fill In Missing Rhy DEM-20a.6-Counts to 20
DELA-15a.6-8 Id/Gen Rhym Words DEM-20a.8-Count to 100
DELA-15b.2-Repeat Sentences DEM-20b.2-Number Concepts to 5
DELA-15b.4-Match Beg Sounds DEM-20b.4-Counting Sets
DELA-15b.6-ID Initial Sounds DEM-20b.6-More, Less, Equal
DELA-15b.8-Initial Sounds DEM-20b.8-Addition/Subtraction
DELA-15c.2-Id Sentence Words DEM-20c.2-4-Number Id to 5
DELA-15c.4-Id Num of Syllables DEM-20c.6-Number Id to 10
DELA-15c.6-Onset and Rhyme DEM-20c.8-Number Id to 20-Part 2
DELA-15c.6-Phoneme Blending DEM-21a.2-Positional Terms
DELA-15c.8-Seg Sounds in Words DEM-21a.4-Proximity Words
DELA-16b.6 Nonsense Words DEM-21a.6-Pos Term Rec and Id
DELA-16b.8-Write CVC Words DEM-21a.8-Map Creation
DELA-17b.2-Uses of Print DEM-21b.2-2D Shape Rec
DELA-17b.4-1 Line Direction DEM-21b.8-Hexagon Creation
DELA-17b.6-Features of Print DEM-22.2-6-Id Meas Attributes
DELA-17b.8-3 Line Direction DEM-22.8-Ordinal Numbers
DELA-18a.2-8-Read Alouds KAP-Addition and Subtraction
DELA-18b.2-8-Emergent Reading KAP-Color Identification
KAP-Concepts of Print KAP-Comparing Numbers
KAP-Id/Gen Rhyming Words KAP-Counting and Cardinality
KAP-Positional Term Rec and Id KAP-Place Value
KAP-Reading KDEM-20c.8-Id Numbers 0 to 20
KAP-Self Awareness KDEM-22.2-6-Id Meas Attributes
KAP-Story Elements KDEM21b.4-6-2D/3D Shape Id/Rec
KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Lower Letters  
KDELA-16a.2-8 Id Upper Letters  
KDELA-16b.2-4-Prod Let Sounds  
KDELA-19a-Write 1st/ Last Name  
KDELA-19b.1-6-Emergent Writing  



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