Vanessa Levin's Pre-K Pages Tests

What are the names of Vanessa Levin's Tests?


See the list of her 52 tests below. See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Trailblazer Assessments: Pre-K Pages Tests:
 Baa Baa Black Sheep  Colors
 Classification  Concepts About Print
 Colors  Kinder Readiness
 Concepts of Print  Lowercase Letters
 Graphing  Math Assessment
 Here is the Beehive  Numbers 0-20
 Hey Diddle Diddle  Oral Language & Listening
 Hickory Dickory Dock  Shapes
 Hop on My Horse  Uppercase Letters
 Humpty Dumpty  
 Itsy Bitsy Spider  
 Jack and Jill 3 Year Old Assessments:
 Jack Be Nimble Cognitive Skills
 Little Miss Muffet Cognitive Skills-Colors
 Mary Had a Little Lamb Cognitive Skills-Match Shapes
 Measurement Fine and Gross Motor Skills
 Old Mother Hubbard Language and Communication Skills
 One-to-One Correspondence Social and Emotional Development
 Ordinal Numbers  
 Phonological Awareness 1: Syllables  
 Phonological Awareness 2: Beginning Sounds  
 Phonological Awareness 3: Rhyming  
 Positional Words  
 Queen of Hearts  
 Row, Row, Row Your Boat  
 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear  
 Three Brown Bears  
 Three Little Kittens  
 Verbal Word Problems  
 Visual Discrimination 1: Names  
 Visual Discrimination 2: Match Uppercase Letters  
 Visual Discrimination 3: Match Lowercase Letters  
 Visual Discrimination 4: Match Uppercase to Lowercase Letters
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