Vanessa Levin's Pre-K Pages Tests

Vanessa Levin has created 52 tests for Pre-K. Please see the list below and CLICK HERE to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.

Trailblazer Assessments: Pre-K Pages Tests:
 Baa Baa Black Sheep  Colors
 Classification  Concepts About Print
 Colors  Kinder Readiness
 Concepts of Print  Lowercase Letters
 Graphing  Math Assessment
 Here is the Beehive  Numbers 0-20
 Hey Diddle Diddle  Oral Language & Listening
 Hickory Dickory Dock  Shapes
 Hop on My Horse  Uppercase Letters
 Humpty Dumpty  
 Itsy Bitsy Spider  
 Jack and Jill 3 Year Old Assessments:
 Jack Be Nimble Cognitive Skills
 Little Miss Muffet Cognitive Skills-Colors
 Mary Had a Little Lamb Cognitive Skills-Match Shapes
 Measurement Fine and Gross Motor Skills
 Old Mother Hubbard Language and Communication Skills
 One-to-One Correspondence Social and Emotional Development
 Ordinal Numbers  
 Phonological Awareness 1: Syllables  
 Phonological Awareness 2: Beginning Sounds  
 Phonological Awareness 3: Rhyming  
 Positional Words  
 Queen of Hearts  
 Row, Row, Row Your Boat  
 Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear  
 Three Brown Bears  
 Three Little Kittens  
 Verbal Word Problems  
 Visual Discrimination 1: Names  
 Visual Discrimination 2: Match Uppercase Letters  
 Visual Discrimination 3: Match Lowercase Letters  
 Visual Discrimination 4: Match Uppercase to Lowercase Letters
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