Alive Studios' Tests

Alive Studios has created 34 tests that are available for use in ESGI (see below). See THIS PAGE to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Alive Studios Tests:
3D Solid Figures Orientation & Relative Position
Addition Pictograph
Bar Graphs Place Value
Calendar Plane Figures
Comparing Numbers Predicting & Extending Pattern
Comparing Objects PreK Sight Words 1
Congruency PreK Sight Words 2
Counting Reading and Writing Money
Counting Money Sorting and Classifying
Counting to 100 Subtraction
Counting to 100 (by 10s) Tally Marks
Counting to 20 (by 2s) Telling Time
Counting to 50 (by 5s) Time of Day
Decomposition Uppercase Letters
Fractions UPPERCASE: sound by letter
Letter by Sound-Zoo Keeper ABC Boot Camp Word Problems

Number Recognition 0-100

Writing Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

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