Kim Adsit's Tests

What are the names of Kim Adsit's Tests?


See the list of her 7 tests below. See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Differentiated Math Instruction:
DI Unit 1 Geometry
DI Unit 2 Counting Part 1
DI Unit 2 Counting Part 2
DI Unit 3 Counting & Comparing
DI Unit 4 Combinations to 5
DI Unit 5 Combo to 10 Part  1
DI Unit 5 Combo to 10 Part 2
DI Unit 6: Addition
DI Unit 6: Subtraction
DI Unit 6: Mixed Operations
DI Unit 6: Story Problems
DI Unit 7: Measurement
DI Unit 8: Compose/Decompose
DI Unit 9: Fluency
DI Unit 10: Subtraction Fluency
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