Donna Whyte's Tests

What are the names of Donna Whyte's tests?


See the list of her tests below.  See this page to learn how to add the tests to your Home Screen.


Language Arts:
 Basic Skills  Hearing Rhyme Level 2
 Blends 1  Identify Letter Sounds
 Blends 2  Irregular Nouns - Plural
 Closed Syllables  Irregular Verbs - Past Tense
 Common Nouns  K Sight Words - Level 1
 Concepts of Print  K Sight Words - Level 2
 Concepts of Print/ Condensed  Letter Identification Lower
 Consonant Digraphs (ch)  Letter Identification Upper
 Consonant Digraphs (mixed)  Long /a/
 Consonant Digraphs (ng)  Long /e/
 Consonant Digraphs (ph)  Long /i/
 Consonant Digraphs (sh)  Long /o/
 Consonant Digraphs (th)  Long /u/
 Consonant Digraphs (wh)  Magic e Syllables
 Consonant Digraphs (zh)  Nonsense Words
 Consonant -le Syllables  Nouns - Identify
 Consonant Trigraphs (mixed)  Onset/Rime
 Consonant Trigraphs (sch)  Open Syllables
 Consonant Trigraphs (scr)  Phoneme Addition
 Consonant Trigraphs (shr)  Phoneme Blending
 Consonant Trigraphs (spl)  Phoneme Deletion-Beginning
 Consonant Trigraphs (spr)  Phoneme Deletion-Ending
 Consonant Trigraphs (squ)  Phoneme Isolation-Ending
 Consonant Trigraphs (str)  Phoneme Isolation-Initial
 Consonant Trigraphs (thr)  Phoneme Isolation-Medial
 Contractions (break apart)  Phoneme Segmentation
 Contractions (create)  Phoneme Substitution
 Final Consonant Clusters 1  Plural Words
 Final Consonant Clusters 2  Prefixes - Additional
 Forming Compound Words  Prefixes - Most Common
 Fry's 101-125 Sampling  Produce Letter Sounds
 Fry's 126-150 Sampling  Producing Rhyme
 Fry's 151-175 Sampling  Pronouns
 Fry's 176-200 Sampling  Proper Nouns
 Fry's 1st 100 Phrases Level 1  R Controlled Vowels
 Fry's 1st 100 Phrases Level 2  R-Controlled Syllables
 Fry's 1st 100 Phrases Level 3  Rimes
 Fry's 201-225 Sampling  Root Words
 Fry's 226-250 Sampling  Segmenting Compound Words
 Fry's 251-275 Sampling  Short a Sound
 Fry's 276-300 Sampling  Short e Sound
 Fry's 2nd 100 Phrases Level 1  Short i Sound
 Fry's 2nd 100 Phrases Level 2  Short o Sound
 Fry's 2nd 100 Phrases Level 3  Short u Sound
 Fry's 3rd 100 Phrases Level 1  Sight Word Phrases
 Fry's 3rd 100 Phrases Level 2  Sight Words in Paragraphs
 Fry's 3rd 100 Phrases Level 3  Silent Letters
 Fry's Word List 101-125  Soft/Hard Sounds
 Fry's Word List 1-25  Suffixes - Additional
 Fry's Word List 126-150  Suffixes - Most Common
 Fry's Word List 151-175  Syllable Blending
 Fry's Word List 176-200  Syllable Deletion
 Fry's Word List 201-225  Syllable Segmentation
 Fry's Word List 226-250  Verbs - Identify
 Fry's Word List 251-275  Vowel Combination Syllables
 Fry's Word List 26-50  Vowel Diphthongs
 Fry's Word List 276-300  Words in a Sentence
 Fry's Word List 51-75  Writes Letters Random Order
 Fry's Word List 76-100  y as /i/ or /e/
 Hearing Rhyme Level 1  


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