Hiding and unhiding tests

How do I hide or unhide tests?  How do I view hidden tests?


To hide a test from your Test Explorer, click on the test name to open the Test Details.

2016 TE open test details.png

Click on the Hide button.  You do not have to be the author of a test to hide it.


You can then close the Test Details and the test will no longer be in your Test Explorer.  If you would like to view it (and any other hidden test), check the box next to Show Hidden Tests.


To unhide, first check that box to Show Hidden Tests.  Then click the name of the test to open the Test Details.  An Unhide button will be in the place where the Hide button was.  Click it and close the test.


Note:  Hiding a test only hides it from your Test Explorer.  If it is shared, it does not hide it from other Test explorers.  Also, if the test is in a Subject Tab, it will remain there even if the test is hidden until you remove the test from the tab.

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