Parent Conferencer

The Parent Conferencer is a tool for teachers to schedule and manage their conferences. Teachers can:

  • Easily schedule conferences for each student
  • Print letters to parents with conference information 
  • Print conference reminders to send home
  • Print the schedule for office or personal use

If you prefer to watch the video, please scroll down to the bottom of this Support Page.


Scheduling Conferences:

1. Click "Parent Conferencer" at the top of your Home Screen


2. Click "Add Date" and use the calendar to select the conference date(s), then click “Confirm”.

3. Click "Add Time" and use the drop down arrows to enter the time(s), then click "Confirm".

4. Click on a student name from your class list on the left and drag/drop the name into the conference time slot (do not manually type the names).

 Printing Conference Letters

1. To print the Conference Letters for the entire class, click "Print All Letters":


Printing Conference Reminders

1. To print Conference Reminders for the entire class, click "Print All Reminders":


Printing the Schedule

Click "Print Schedule":



Editing a Conference Day, Time, or Room Number:

1. Click on a student name.
2. In the box that pops up, change the student in the time slot, length of conference, room number and language. Clicking "delete" will remove the student from the Parent Conferencer calendar, but the student will not be deleted from your class. Click "Confirm" after any changes.


To Edit the Conference Letter and/or Conference Reminder:

1. Click "Edit Templates" then select the Letter Template from the dropdown box.
2. Choose the Language of the template to edit.
3. Click the "Edit" link.
4. ESGI has translated the default English template into Spanish. If changes are made to the English template, those same changes must be made to the Spanish template (it does not automatically translate these changes). When finished, click "Save". 

5. The Conference Letter and Conference Reminder will automatically print in the language selected for the student:



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