Types of Lists


What types of lists are available in Dazzle?


There are four new list types for a total of six!  They include:

  • Text
  • Check-off
  • Number
  • Pick
  • Date
  • Score
  • Picture

Below is a short explanation of each type of list:

Text:  Type in any information.

Check-off:  Checkboxes for each student.

Number:  Enter any number.  Settings for auto adding commas or not.

Pick:  Add options to a drop-down menu to choose from for each student.

Date:  Enter dates.  Settings for slashes or dashes between the months, days, and years.

Score:  Give a total possible, then just enter the student's score.  It gives the fraction and percent correct.

Picture:  Upload a picture of your student or their work!

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