With a district-wide purchase of 20 or more licenses, districts have the option to import teacher and student data into ESGI. If your district uses Aeries, Clever, or ClassLink, we can import by connecting to the software. Importing is an optional benefit and not required for a great experience with full functionality. 

Importing must be turned on by ESGI and once it's running, files can be updated by a nightly sync. Action is required each school year to activate the import.

  • Specialists
    ESGI specialist accounts are available for those who need to assess students that are rostered to other teachers in the same school or multiple schools in the district. These accounts are priced separately from the teacher licenses purchased by your district. More information can be found on our Specialist Accounts Support Page. These accounts cannot be included in the import.
  • Co-teachers
    Upon request, ESGI can create a secondary account for a teacher to assess students rostered to another teacher. These accounts cannot be included in the import.
  • Admins
    ESGI provides free accounts for administrators who need to view data, but not test students. Please CLICK HERE to request an account. 

If your district is interested in importing, please email 

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