Importing (District Admin Accounts only)

Importing can only be done from a District Admin Account for the entire district, not for one school or only one grade level.  Import files are the source of truth, and any teacher or student not in the files will be removed.  Importing must be turned on by ESGI.

To import, our Development Team will work with your district's IT department.  If your district uses Aeries, Clever, or ClassLink/OneRoster, we can import by connecting to the software.  If not, your IT department will generate text files for students, teachers, and roster. These files will be sent to our Development Team, who will review the files for formatting and do a trial upload in a test environment.

Once that is complete and ESGI has authorization from the district, the files will be uploaded.  All teachers who have an account will have their accounts updated.  All teachers who did not previously have an ESGI account will be sent an email with a link to register for their newly created account.

This can be done once at the beginning of the year and the teachers manage their students for the rest of the year (move or remove students, add new students, change settings, etc).  Files can also be imported on a regular basis, usually nightly with an automatic sftp transfer.

If you are interested in importing, please have your IT department contact us at

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