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ESGI has over 2,000 stock images that can be copied to your image library in ESGI and then added to a test question. Any image can be uploaded from your computer and added to your library. Images can be resized and duplicated. This Support Page provides step-by-step instructions on:


  • Copying an ESGI stock image to My Library
  • Adding an image from your computer to My Library
  • Managing Images in My Library
  • Adding an image to a test question 
  • Editing images



A video is also included at the bottom of this page.


Copying an ESGI Stock Image to My Library


1. Click Test Explorer, then Image Gallery, under Related Tools.



2. Enter a keyword in the search field to quickly find an image or click "ESGI Stock".


3. Once in the ESGI Stock Library, either enter a keyword in the search field to quickly find an image, or click a subfolder to view available images. Our stock images now include additional tags, so instead of just being able to search an image by its exact name, certain descriptor words can also be used. For example, to locate an image of a turtle, you can search by ‘turtle’, ‘animal’, or ‘nature’.



5. Click on an image.  To copy it into your Library without placing it into a Folder, click “Save.” To copy it to an existing folder or a new one, click the drop down arrow for “My Library”, choose the folder, or “+Add new folder”.  When done, click “Save”.



In addition, when you are viewing a stock image, you may select one of its tags to locate more images with that descriptor. Anything with that exact tag (case sensitive) will return in the results.




Adding an Image from your computer to My Library


1. Click Test Explorer, then Image Gallery, under Related Tools.


 2. Click My Library.


3. Click the "Upload Image" button.


4. Click the "+" to upload or drag and drop images from your computer.


5. Click the Upload button



Managing Images in My Library




1. Click Manage Images to organize your Library.  Use the check boxes to move images to another folder or remove them completely.


2. Images in “My Library” that you have copied from Stock Images or uploaded from your computer can be tagged for easier searching.  Tags must be unique, and are not case sensitive.  For example, anything tagged “bear”, “Bear”, “BEAR” would all appear within the same results.


To tag an image, click on an image in “My Library”:



Add a tag name, and click the “+” sign.  Repeat this step for all the tags you want to add to this image. When done, click Save:



Adding an Image to a Test Question





1. Click “Test Explorer”, then click "Create New Test".





2. Choose the Test Type “Yes/No”, enter the Test Name and Description. Enter the other fields if desired. View our “Creating Tests” Support Page for more detailed information on the optional fields.  Click “Add Question”.



3. Click the "image" icon:


4. Use the search field, click “ESGI Stock”, or “My Library” to find your image.


5. Select the image:



Editing Images


Once an image is added to a test question, it can be moved or resized by clicking on the image and dragging:



Use the buttons and menu to Undo, Redo, Delete, Duplicate or layer images by moving to the front or back. Images can also be flipped horizontally or vertically. These options can also be accessed by right-clicking on the image itself.



Drag and drop the images to reposition them.



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