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Classes and Groups are used to separate your students so that you can see their data in different ways. 


Classes are useful when a teacher has an AM and PM class. For instance, these classes can be labeled “Ms. Hall’s AM” and “Ms. Hall’s PM”. Then when the data is collected and reported (in the Class Totals Report and Item Analysis Report), data will be separate by classBy clicking on “all students” you can also run reports for all students assigned to you. 


Groups are useful for flexibility in grouping within a class in the classroom (such as reading groups). You can add students to groups from one of your classes, and run reports (except for the Parent Letter) just on a group of students. By clicking on “all students” you can also run reports for the entire class. 


A total of 35 students can be in one teacher account. Students can be in more than one class, and more than one group within the same teacher accountFor example, a student can belong to a reading group, math group, and table group. 




  1.  To create a new Class or Group click  the Add button. 






  1.  Select Create to name your Class or Group.  



  1. Select the student names that should be in that Class or Group   Those student names will be listed on the right side under the Group or Class name.  Click Save and the Group or Class will be created. 


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