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Student rosters can be uploaded into ESGI using an .xlsx or .csv file, using our provided template or your own! 

  • This feature is available to teachers only, but not available to teachers that have their rosters automatically imported into ESGI. 

  • Students that have previously been tested in ESGI will need to be added using Student Manager. 

  • Specialists are able to add students using Student Manager or the + icon if the student has never been tested in ESGI.  

  • Files can be uploaded from the Home Screen 

To begin: 

1. From your home screen, click the + sign next to the right of Students and select Add Students via a file: 


 2. The Add Students menu will open on the right-hand side of your screen. 


3. It is highly recommended to download the template, but if you have a file with the required fields, then click Upload a file and skip to step 6 

 4. If the template is needed, click on Get the template and it will download. Click Enable Editing to begin: 


Required Fields: 

  • Student First Name 

  • Student Last Name 

  • Grade 
    For PreK, enter PK 

For Kindergarten, enter K 

For Transitional Kindergarten, enter TK  

  • Language - will default to 'English' 

  • Gender - will default to ‘Prefer not to say’   

Optional Fields: 

  • Student ID - if not included, the field will remain blank   

  • Gifted/Talented 

  • Birth Date 

  • SPED 

  • Race & Ethnicity 

  • ELL/SEL 

  • 504 

  • RTI 

  • Lunch Status 

5. Enter your student information on the template, save the file as xlsx or csv, then click 'Upload a file': 


6. If any required information is missing, a pop up with display: 

7. Correct the file. When complete, the 'File Upload is Complete' message will pop up and your students will be listed under 'All Students' (your class list): 


8. Click 'Got It' and you're ready to test students!

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