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The Student Detail Report combines many reports into oneIt includes the scores from the Class Totals, the grades from the Grade Report, the Pie Chart, the Test History Line Graph, and the correct and incorrect answers from the Parent Letter. It can be run for a single student or all students in the class. Step-by-step instructions are included below the video: 




  1. Select Reports in the left-hand column, then Student Detail. From here, select students you want to run the report for (classes, groups or students) and click on Generate Report. 







  1. Select the Subject Tab from the drop-down menu: 




  1.  Select the tests to be included in the report using the check boxes on the left-hand side of each test nameThen, click “Run Report. 



  1.  An explanation of the different areas on the report is below: 

a.) The table shows the raw score and the grade (if the option to Include Grade is selected). 

b.)  The Pie Chart shows the percent correct and percent incorrect for the most          recent test session for that specific test. 

c.) The Test History Line Graph displays a data point for each test session. 

  d.)  Hovering over a data point on the line graph shows the date the test was administered and the number correct for that specific test session. 

e.) Correct and incorrect answers are displayed for the most recent test session. 






  1. On the Student Detail Report screen, use the drop-down arrows to select another student or Subject Tab. Use the check boxes and radio buttons to display the report with the different options: 

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated 

  • If “Carry forward is checked, the score will reflect the student's last test session regardless which marking period they were tested in. If the student is not tested during the 2nd marking period, the 1st marking period's score will remain. If "Carry forward" is not checked, only the scores from specific marking periods are shown. 

  • If “Show Baseline” is checked, the Baseline Score (B) will show on the report (this is selected by default)If this option is not checked, the Baseline Score (B) will not show on the reportThis setting will persist each time the report is generated. 

  • “Show Notes” can be selected to include question notes on the report. They appear just below the Correct and Incorrect responses. 

  • “Show in Color” box can be unchecked for printing in black and white. 

  • “Show Grades”. The Grades are customized and set up in advance. It includes a customizable Grade Level (A, B, C, etc.) and a customizable Grade Range (90-100% correct = A). 

  • "Display not tested as": 
    - If the "NT" radio button is selected, an "NT" will display if the student was not tested.  
    - If the "Zero" radio button is selected, those same values become 0. 

  • "Marking Periods": 
    - If the "Current" radio button is selected, only scores from the current marking period will be shown. 
    - If the "All" radio button is selected, scores from all marking periods will be shown. 




  1. To download the report to PDF for saving or printing, click “Download” in the upper right corner of the reportSelect either “One PDF File” (a single file that contains all students) or “ZIP” (a zipped folder that contains individual files for each student):  



  1. When downloading a large amount of data, a pop up will appear letting you know the file is generating and will continue to run in the background. Click "Got It" to continue using your account. 


When the zip file is ready, a notification will appear in the lower left corner. Click on the notification to view and print the file: 




  1. The report name, date, subject, teacher, class and student name are at the top of each page. Question Notes (if selected) appear below the Correct and Incorrect responses: 


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