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When a school or district is initially created in ESGI, the default Marking Period Type is semesters and the semester dates are populated with default dates for the school year. If the teacher is not linked to the district, they can change the Marking Period Type and Marking Period Dates. If the teacher is linked to the district, the marking period type can be edited only by ESGI; a District Admin or ESGI can edit the marking period dates. Different grading ranges can be created for the different marking periods. This Support Page provides step-by-step instructions below the video.  

 1. Select Reports in the left-hand column, then Class Grades. From here, select the class or group you want to run the report for and click on Generate Report.



 2. The tests on that Subject Tab will display. Click the drop down arrow to select a different Subject Tab if desired. Click the "pencil" icon next to the test.


3. Select “Set Custom Range”, then click the radio button for “Different Per Marking Period”


4. The dates for each of your marking periods will be displayed. Enter the grading ranges for each marking period.  When you are done, click “Save and Continue”.


5. The first screen will display. Click "Run Report" to view changes.


6. A different Grading Range is used for each Marking Period:




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