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A teacher can create a grading scale that can be shared with other teachers in the school. In order for it to be visible to other teachers in the school, all teacher accounts must be linked to the school or district. If a teacher is not linked to the district, please complete a Request to be Linked form.  

Step-by-step instructions on selecting a Shared Grading Scale before running the Class Grade report can be found below the video: 

1. 1. Select Reports in the left-hand column, then Class Grades. From here, select the class or group you want to run the report for and click on Generate Report. 



2. Select Your Grade Scale - Under My Scales, choose an existing scale (if any have been set up) or Create My Own. You also have the option to select a pre-loaded System Scale. 



3. To create a custom grading scale, enter information under Grade Description to the right of Create My Own. 

  • Fill in the Grades (high to low) that you want to use 

  • To change the pre-populated color, click on the color square and a menu selection will populate 

  • Fill in the description for each grade level 

  • Click on “+Add another” to add additional grades 

  • The order of the grades can be moved by selecting the 6 button menu under “Order”. 

  • When done, select Save and Continue 



4. Select your Default Percentage values. A reminder will populate stating “The default percentage values will apply to all subject tabs using the [E-M-B] grade scale” 

  • The grading scale will populate. 

  • Enter the percentage range for each grade 

  • Select OK 

  • See step 6 to set a Custom Range. 


5. Choose Set Custom Range to set a custom range for each test.  

  • You can set a custom range for each test with a subject tab using a numeric range based on the total number of questions in each test. 

  • Choose subject tab from the dropdown menu 

  • The number of tests in that subject tab will appear in parenthesis next to “Tests” 

  • Select each test from the dropdown menu 

  • Select “Same all year” if your grading scale will stay the same across all marking periods. 

  • Select “Different per Marking Period” if your grade scale will change for each marking period. 

  • Complete the grade scale for each test in the subject tab 

  • Continue setting grade scales for more subject tabs by selecting another tab from the dropdown menu 

  •  When done, choose Save and Continue 

6. You can now view your shared range when selecting the Class Grades report 

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