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Tests can be starred in Test Explorer to help you locate them easierOnce tests are starred, they can easily be found by using the “My Tests” Filter on the left hand side of Test ExplorerBelow the video are step-by-step instructions on how to star a test and how to locate starred tests to place onto your Home Screen  




  1. On the Home Screen, select Test Explorer at the left side of the page. 





  1. Locate a test by searching keywords, or filter on the left hand side by grade level, content area, noted series, noted author, or subject tab.  There are are two ways to star a test. 

Click the star next to the test name: 


Open the test by clicking on the test name. 

If you are the author of the test, click the star located at the lower right of the Test Name field: 


If you are not the author of the test, click the star to the right of the Test Name: 




  1. Once a test is starred, it can be easily found by Filtering by “My Tests”.

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