Finding Grade Level Tests - New Teacher Dashboard

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find tests by grade level.


  1.  Click “Test Explorer”.




  1.  In the Test Explorer, expand the Grade Level filter on the left by clicking the down arrow and select a Grade Level.  A list of results will be displayed of any tests that are tagged with the grade level chosen.


3. When a test is created, selecting a grade level(s) is optional and will not appear when filtering by Grade Level. The Grade Level can be edited in test details; step-by-step instructions can be found on our Edit/Modify a Test Support Page (#7 for a Yes/No test and #8 for a Single Score test). on our  Support Page.



  1. Only tests that had a grade level selected when they were created will appear when using the grade filter since selecting a grade level is optional when creating a test. 
  2. The Grade Level of a test can be edited. Instructions can be found in steps 7 and 8 on our Edit/Modify a Test Support Page
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