Reorder Subject Tabs - New Teacher Dashboard

The Subject Tab order can be edited directly from the Home Screen or by going to Test ExplorerTeachers can edit their own gray Subject Tabs, but are unable to reorder purple or blue Subject Tabs, which are managed by the District or School Admin. Step-by-step instructions can be found below the video: 


  • Reordering the Subject Tabs from the Home Screen 

  • Reordering the Subject Tabs from Test Explorer 


VIDEO – Reorganize subject tabs 


Rearrange Subject Tabs from the Home Screen: 


  1. From the main dashboard, expand the center section to show the subject tabs by clicking on the expand icon. Then click on the the rearrange icon which is next to the pencil. Click the reorder icon. 



  1.  Once you click the reorder icon, you will now be in Rearrange modeYou can now drag and move the tabs to the order in which you desire. 


  1.  Click save at the bottom to change you updates.  





2. Select "Manage Tabs & Tests" on the right side. 

Reorder Subject Tabs from Test Explorer: 


  1. At the left side of the Home Screen, select “TEST EXPLORER”. 



  1. On the right hand side of Test Explorer, select Manage Tabs & Tests. 



  1. On the Manage Subjects & Tests Screen, click and hold down on the six dots, and move the Subject Tab to the desired location. When finished, click “DONE. 




  1. Select “HOME” to go back to the Home Screen to confirm your changes. 


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