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ESGI has partnered with Kishmorr Productions to have Spanish tests available. Here is a Listing of Spanish Tests that are available in Test Explorer. Step-by-step instructions on finding available Spanish tests and creating custom Spanish tests are provided below the two videos: 


Finding Spanish Tests 



Creating Spanish Tests 



Finding Spanish Tests 



  1.  Click the Test Explorer button. Select Content Area, then Spanish. 



Creating Custom Spanish tests 


Create your own tests using Spanish letters and sight words found in the ESGI Image Gallery. Using the Spanish Keyboard, you can create additional Spanish words and letters with accents. Complete details for creating tests and adding images can be found on our Creating Tests Support Page. 



  1.  In Test Explorer, click the Create New Test link found in the Subject & Tests panel on the right. 

Begin by  


Please see our Rubrics Tests support page for details on creating Rubrics. 

4. For a Yes/No or Single Score test, enter a Test Name and Test Description. If Single Score is selected, enter the Total Possible points (whole numbers only; no decimals). These are required fields. Explanations of the optional field descriptions are found below.  

Test Name (required field) – Enter a name for the test. This is a required field. 

Test Type (required field) – Select Single Score (one question) or Yes/No (multiple questions) 

Total Possible – Enter the total number of points (no decimals). This is a required field if Single Score is selected. 

Description (required field) – Enter a brief description of the test. Questions cannot be added to the test until the Test Description is set. 

Background – Black (default) or white. The background color applies to all questions within the test. 

Content Area Select a content from the drop down list (Language Arts, Math, Spanish, Science, Social Studies/Humanities, The Arts, Technology or Generic)The test color will update based on the content area chosen. Click on the color square to change the color (if desired). 

Add/Edit Grade –  

State Standard  

Share Test – Check this box so that teachers within your district can find the test in Test Explorer for use in their individual accounts. 


5. Click Add Question. 


6. Enter the test question information. Click “Save and Close” if there is only one question (Single Score) or “Next Question” if adding another question. A question can be duplicated and the Directions, Question Image, Shape and/or Text will be copied to the next question by checking the "Copy Content to Next Question" box. The checkbox can be deselected at any time.   

Refer to the screenshots below for an explanation regarding each field. 


Adding Text: 



Adding Images or Shapes: 


  • All elements (text, image, shape) can be resized and moved by clicking anywhere on the element.   

  • Use the buttons and menu to Undo, Redo, Delete, or layer objects by moving to the front or back. Objects can also be flipped horizontally or vertically or duplicated. These options can also be accessed by right-clicking.  

Complete details for adding or editing images can be found on our Adding and Editing Images to Tests Support Page. 

Please CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions on printing the Parent Letter in Spanish to send home with your students.

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